SC Links – the fast track to scholarly articles

In my last post, I described the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service provided by the Smith libraries which assists you in obtaining:

  • Articles not available at Smith
  • Books, videos and DVDs not available through the Five Colleges

We learned how to request something ‘manually’ – that is, by logging into your ILL account, and requesting the item you need. However, the question that comes up again and again is:

  • When you are in a database, is there an easy way to request items through ILL???
  • The answer is definitely YES!

Let’s say, for instance, that we are searching for articles in the biomedical database PubMed. (To learn how to access other subject specific databases, click HERE.)

After performing our search in PubMed, we are faced with a list of results.


The second choice looks interesting, so we click on the author names to access the full record. It is important to look at the full record so we can read the ABSTRACT or summary, to determine if this article is really what we need for our research.

If you decide that you want a particular article, ALWAYS look for the orange SC Links button. In this case, it is below the abstract.


When we click on the orange SC Links button, a new window will open. Read the screen entirely. The information given, in this case, includes:

  1. No fulltext (i.e. ELECTRONIC version) is available
  2. We have the ability to check the Five College Library Catalog (to check for this item in PRINT)
  3. We have the option to request an ILL


We already know that the article is not available electronically (b/c it says so on the screen – see #1 in the picture above). We now must determine if Smith has this item in PRINT – so, we click on GO to “Check for holdings in the Five College Library Catalog.” As you can see, this item was not found in the Five College Library Catalog.


After making sure Smith does not have access to either the electronic or print version of an article, you then click GO to “Request document via Smith College Interlibrary Loan.” You will be prompted to login to the ILL system – once you get in, you will see that much of the article information has been filled in for you!

All you need to do is VERIFY all the information is correct, and type in the YEAR of publication.


Then, as we did before, just click Submit Request, at the bottom of the screen.


Questions? Feel free to Ask A Librarian or stop by any Smith Library for additional assistance!


2 Responses to SC Links – the fast track to scholarly articles

  1. Kathy J says:

    I love the idea of a science library blog! The mix of internet information (RSS feeds) and library help is a good idea.

    Any chance of a blog starting for the other libraries, or for Smith as a whole?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Kathy! At this time, I am not sure if other library or campus wide blogs will be created – I, too, think it would be a great way to communicate with students – and everyone else on campus.

    If you have ideas for future posts for this blog, please let me know. I’d appreciate your input.

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