Science Podcasts: learn and grow strong!

I go to the gym a couple times a week – and I am amazed every time by the number of people motivated to Get Fit! Every exercise machine is taken, all the classes are full, and there are pretty much people everywhere. As one might expect, most are watching the televisions on their personal machines – but others are passing the time and being motivated by what is playing on their iPods.

The next time you go to the gym, try out one of the following science-focused podcasts, and Learn While You Grow Strong!
Science Friday with Ira Flatow: The Friday edition of NPR’s Talk of the Nation which engages in balanced discussions on current science news topics. There is a listener call-in portion of the show, if you listen live.

Science Magazine: Periodic podcasts on a variety of topics such as: “Focus on genetics,” “Serengeti poaching,” “Modern human genetics,” “Plague bacterium” and more!

Naked Scientist
: A weekly radio show produced by Cambridge University scientists, aimed at making current science information accessible to the general public.

New York Times: Podcast exploring the Science Times by science editor, David Corcoran. (to download, scroll down to weekly podcasts)

Scientific American: Featuring Science Talk and 60-Second Science – learn about the latest news in science.

This Week In Science: A 1-hour science/technology radio show broadcast from KDVS in Davis, CA. __________________________________________________

Have a favorite podcast I missed? Leave a comment!


One Response to Science Podcasts: learn and grow strong!

  1. Val says:

    This is really cool! Thanks for the links.

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